How we make it greenerCommercial Wall-Hung Toilet CT708E(V)(G)


Waste heat from the kilns is routed to the product dryer. This reduces 15% natural gas consumption.

TOTO's Morrow plant matches 100% of its electricity usage through Georgia Power Simple Solar and helps grow solar energy. 14 million kilowatt hours of green energy helps reduce 23 million pounds of carbon each year.

0.45 million gallons per month of greywater is used in TOTO's operations. 1,620 of kwh in energy is reduced due to less potable water.

65% of all cardboard used is 100% recycled content.


One-piece toilets are shipped with every other toilet upside down, increasing the fill rate of a truck trailer and cutting transportation cost in half.

UPS parcel shipments are carbon neutral. TOTO is a registered SmartWay® Transport Partner.


The dual flush system reduces water in the use phase.

Utilizing the same proven engineering as our legendary 1.6 GPF G-Max flushing system, the 1.28 GPF E-Max reinforces TOTO's performance reputation while offering an additional water savings of 20%.