How we make it greenerEcoPower® Ultra-HE Urinal Flush Valve TEU1UA


TOTO participates in the UPS Carbon Neutral program. TOTO is a certified SmartWay partner.

TOTO’s EcoPower® Urinal Flush Valves feature the highly regarded EcoPower technology. Engineered to reduce environmental impacts, TOTO’s EcoPower products offer water and energy savings without sacrificing performance. Below are some of the features of TOTO’s EcoPower technology.

Ensuring that water flows only when needed, the self-adjusting EcoPower sensor eliminates “ghost” flushing that wastes water. A minimum of six seconds presence in front of the sensor is required to receive acknowledgment, preventing excessive flushing.

TOTO's EcoPower technology enables the product to operate 100% off grid. As water flows, the microturbine recharges the capacitor for the sensor and solenoid. Less reliance on the back-up battery results in much less battery waste.

Designed to work in combination with the 0.125gpf urinal, the flush valve is engineered to utilize biomimicry, modeled after the oxbow effect found in nature. Water moving on the outside of a curve will move faster, causing turbulence. The 0.125gpf urinal utilizes a V-shaped trap to reduce turbulent flow, resulting in lower water use without compromising performance.

Using our proven EcoPower engineering, the 0.125 gallon per flush urinal flush valve reinforces TOTO's performance reputation while offering an additional water savings.

Metal and electronic parts can be recycled at the end of life.