The first comprehensive solution for product manufacturers to Design and Market greener products, the SM Transparency Report Program is a re-engineered PCR/EPD process — plus much more.

  1. Provides options to make it easier to get started with transparency reporting
    • Re-engineers the PCR process; the standardized framework provides time and cost-effective ways to create product group definitions up front
  2. Delivers a strategic marketing & lead generation tool: SM Transparency Report
    • Drive greener purchase decisions by making LCA & environmental performance information understandable & meaningful; describes what manufacturers are actually doing to make products greener
    • Functional and environmental performance attributes are in one place; delivers all the info required in an EPD with the same rigor and validation
    • They're in the cloud, freely available and in one click, connect buyers and sellers; product info & data is available for use in other applications, not encoded in PDFs
    • Add HPD results & interpretation for comprehensive material health reporting
  3. Now that you're marketing greener, you can start designing greener

Keep the science, re-engineer the process.

Market demand for transparency is driving LCA-based reporting, standards & certifications in many industries and across the value chain.

With the introduction of LEED v4 in the building and construction industry, this demand has reached a tipping point. BUT – will BPMs be ready for LEED v4? The USGBC was smart to incentivize manufacturers to make greener products to offer customers more and better options. Manufacturers actually making greener products should be rewarded for their efforts and architects specifying greener products should be rewarded for building more greener buildings. However, architects and specifiers are reticent to consider v4 because manufacturers aren't ready to respond to the transparency demand. Can enough BPMs get ready fast enough?

Current PCR/EPD processes are not designed to deliver on today’s transparency demand. But there can be new ways of doing things with the existing rules to deliver more efficiently & effectively.

  1. Dramatically reduce time/hurdles to create product category standards.
    • Not rely on PCR committees to create generic rules that cover 80% while only ~20% is needed for each category.
    • Enable manufacturers to define product groups at the appropriate level so each manufacturer can demonstrate business advantage, competitive advantage and differentiation.
  2. Create better deliverables to make greener purchase decisions easier. Reward manufacturers for making greener products.
  3. Report the LCA scope and verification level that you're ready and able. If you have already done, or getting ready to do an LCA, you can get started. Designate the life cycle scope and select the verification level that meets your budget or that you believe your customers require – self-declared or 3rd party verified.