Engineers for a Sustainable World Webcast – LCA w/ Alexander Dale & Sustainable Minds

Nov 14

Join Alexander Dale (in his role as a PhD student in Sustainability and Green Design at the University of Pittsburgh) and Terry Swack for ESW's skills webinar on Monday, November 14 from 4PM PST / 7EST.

Life Cycle Assessment is one of the most important tools in answering a question that always comes up when pursuing sustainability: How do we measure how sustainable something is? In this webinar, we will cover why you might want to use LCA, what you can measure, the basic steps, and what the results might look like. Then we'll move into practical matters, talking about using software to make the process much easier, and about communicating your results to a non-technical audience.

If you've heard of LCA but haven't gotten a chance to learn more, or might be interested in using it in a project, this is your chance to learn more about this key tool of sustainable engineering.

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