SM featured in Novedge's Best of the Best Webinar Series

Sep 29

Tune in at 11:00 -12:00pm PT to hear Joep Meijer present a technical demonstration of Sustainable Minds. Novedge, the leading CAD e-tailer, has been fostering a community of CAD professionals and students through online collaboration, communication and connection for some time now. Their efforts include creating and managing,, as well as a slew of webinars and training sessions. Register here >

Taking their leading involvement in this endeavor to the next level, Novedge has announced the launch of its The Best of the Best Webinar Series. This ongoing, bi-weekly series will feature some of the leading CAD educators as well as tutorials on a variety of products.

An example of topics covered include:
- Architecture
- Sustainability
- Engineering
- Landscape Design
- 3D Modeling
- Rendering
- Light Design

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