TCF Green Conference 2014, Melbourne, Australia

Jun 19

Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds CEO, is honored to participate in the TCF Green Conference 2014 organized by the Technical Textiles & Nonwovens Association.

In her web presentation: ‘Operationalizing greener product innovation in the technical textile industry,’ Terry will be demonstrating how Sustainable Minds can help manufacturers overcome the two key problems they face when it comes to building a greener brand: designing greener products and then credibly marketing them.

Sustainable Minds has been working with INDA for several years to understand the product sustainability landscape for nonwovens, and is ready to provide industry-tailored solutions to help manufacturers across the value chain achieve their product sustainability and transparency goals.

The Technical Textile and Nonwoven Association (TTNA) is a membership organization advancing the interests of the Australian technical textile industry worldwide. The TCF Green Conference 2014 will be addressing sustainability challenges in the fibre, textile, carpet and apparel industries will profile how putting environmental and social responsibility at the heart of management practices is key to the future.

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