If you and your company are committed to designing greener products right from the start, we've got a great offer for IDSA members.

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Student – Semester (4 mos) 25% $30 IDSA-EP010-pibV
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"Design Greener Products — Orientation & Software Demonstration"

Learn how to design greener products right, from the start, and to make the business case for environmental performance fueling product innovation. If you want to demystify the integration of ecodesign and life cycle assessment (LCA) into product development, then this webinar Sustainable Minds is for you.

Offered every Tuesday from 2-3pm ET, this free 60-minute session includes:

  • The business case for using Sustainable Minds software in product innovation and development
  • Lifecycle thinking, ecodesign strategies and LCA
  • When and how to use Sustainable Minds LCA Software (It's like TurboTax® for LCA)
  • Interactive Q&A

The webinar covers several use cases demonstrating how to use Sustainable Minds software to quantify environmental impacts and make informed trade-offs among product criteria &emdash; so come prepared with your questions.

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