Northeastern University Sustainable Building Organization (NUSBO), Hastings Hall, Room 110 @ 5:30 pm

Feb 26

Join Terry Swack to learn about ‘Transparency is the New Green In Product Selection and Specification’.

Product transparency was first introduced in the 2012 LEED v4 draft with credits for using products where the environmental performance (EPDs) and material health (HPD, Declare, C2C and others) have been disclosed. Product transparency has since gone from early adoption to early mainstream, and now to becoming a specification requirement.

Join us to learn about the evolution of product transparency and why it’s important to specify greener and healthier products for high-performance building projects — and reward MFRs for making them. Visit to learn more.

NUSBO is affiliated with the Massachusetts Chapter of USGBC and is the official Northeastern University ASHRAE Student Branch. The mission is to engage and connect members interested in the field of sustainable building and foster multi-disciplinary relationships between students, educators and professionals in the industry. Although founded from students in the Sustainable Building System program, NUSBO is open to students in any department or program and embraces the interdisciplinary nature of the community.
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