Sustainable Design as a Balancing Act: Eco-impact calculators become part of design engineering

Jan 1

Kenneth Wong from Desktop Engineering interviews Ken Harris, fredsparks design, about how they use Sustainable Minds to drive greener product innovation. See the full greener eyewear story here >

Commentary on this article from Sustainable Minds:
Including Solidworks' and Autodesk's sustainability products in this article nicely conveys the options a design engineer has for making informed decisions while working in CAD.

Sustainable Minds users include CAD users, but many are not, or they are not using CAD at the point in the development process when they are using Sustainable Minds. Additionally, Sustainable Minds is used to design non-mechanical products, like flooring, packaging and apparel.

Sustainable Minds is eco-concept modeling software that delivers actionable LCA-based results. Product teams can benchmark, create and compare an unlimited number of concepts, changing up any input in any stage of the product's lifecycle, not just an alternative to a part or sub-assembly.

Sustainable Minds is used by product manufacturing teams to:
• Benchmark existing products
• Win new business (See Spartech strategic customer announcement >)
• Drive product innovation in R&D and concept development
• Analyze feasibility of logistics & reuse
• Respond to customer reporting requirements

Sustainable Minds' focus this quarter will be on data. Watch for our release later this month. Sustainable Minds is a SaaS solution and our ability to create and add custom data for users, specific to their supply chain or manufacturing processes, is key.

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