The first comprehensive solution for product manufacturers to Design and Market greener products, the SM Transparency Report Program is a re-engineered PCR/EPD process — plus much more.

  1. Makes it easier to create standardized PCRs and get started with transparency reporting

    • Re-engineers the PCR process; 2-part framework provides an efficient and effective way to create PCRs to better enable comparisons between products in the same group (i.e. products that compete for/deliver the same function or purpose).

  2. Delivers a strategic marketing & lead generation tool: SM Transparency Report, our brand of EPD

    • Drive greener purchase decisions by making LCA & environmental performance information understandable & meaningful; describes what manufacturers are actually doing to make products greener

    • Functional and environmental performance attributes are in one place; delivers all the info required in an EPD

    • They're in the cloud, freely available and in one click, connect buyers and sellers, not encoded in PDFs

    • Add material health results & interpretation for comprehensive reporting

  3. Now that you're marketing greener, you can start designing greener