Introducing the Sustainable Minds Branded Data Program, an innovative brand-building and lead generation solution responding to the challenges of today's LCA tools & data distribution methods.

Become a Premier Participating Brand, a way to jump-start the industry-defined dataset by showcasing brands that are leading the way. The offer includes special pre-launch pricing, software & services, visibility and a seat at the table defining the dataset roadmap.

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Nonwovens are used in practically everything!

The goal is to enable manufacturers across the nonwovens value chain to credibly, efficiently and cost-effectively evaluate the environmental performance of nonwovens to design innovative greener products. Stay informed. Subscribe to our mailing list >

#1 Cloud life cycle assessment (LCA) software for greener product innovation

Used by industry and education in 60 countries worldwide, Sustainable Minds easy-to-use, standardized solution makes it possible for manufacturers across the value chain – large and small – to dynamically evaluate, compare and improve their products' environmental performance by integrating life cycle thinking and LCA into their product development processes.

Get started accelerating your development process with a dynamic tool to rapidly evaluate, compare and improve your products' environmental performance.

Nonwovens Industry Software Discount

Sustainable Minds is offering a 15% software discount to nonwovens manufacturers.
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Example Products Package: Diaper, baby wipes and surgical gown – Try to improve their environmental performance! Download now >

Building a Nonwovens Lifecycle Dataset – Why?

Designing truly greener nonwoven products requires having access to a comprehensive source of current and credible lifecycle data.

  • Today, there is no source of nonwovens lifecycle data that is widely available, easy to use and cost-effective.
  • There is a shortage of life cycle inventory (LCI) data, and it's often out of date.
  • There is no fast data distribution mechanism for new greener materials as they come to market.

Sustainable Minds is democratizing LCA.

SM 3.0 will include publicly available data for nonwoven materials and focus initially on several product categories. On an ongoing basis, to expand these and to add new categories, SM will create new data and also publish existing data provided by nonwoven manufacturers and other industry sources.

The value of adding your product data to Sustainable Minds:

  • Creates visibility; makes your data instantly available worldwide to manufacturers, product consultancies, educators and students
  • Makes it easier for your customers to compare your data with industry average data
  • It means your customers won't have to estimate or create proxies that are not accurate
  • Your LCI data stays private. We use it to create Sustainable Minds impact factors. Your LCI data, which often includes valuable IP, is never exposed.
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Getting Started Services

Proof of Concept

For product development decision-makers evaluating software and service providers

A managed software and services evaluation program to determine if SM is right for your greener product opportunities, addressing one or more of the SM use cases.

Cost and duration: $3,000, 45 days or less


  • Strategy session to establish trial objectives and goals
  • Plan for introducing SM to direct & extended teams
  • Efficient process & schedule for evaluation
  • Example project modeled
  • Custom webinar

Product Benchmark

For product or portfolio managers, R&D & technical decision-makers who need answers fast, and don't have internal resources available

If you don't know where you are how do you know where you're going? SM will model your products/components to benchmark lifecycle impacts. Understand where data comes from, the effort required to acquire, who is involved.

Cost and duration:
$5 – 25,000 depending on scope; 30 to 90 days


  • Your product modeled in Sustainable Minds.
  • Benchmark analysis and recommendations for improvements
  • Additional concepts modeled using advanced ecodesign strategies
  • Custom data strategy
  • Business case how to demonstrate financial ROI
  • How SM can be integrated into business processes
  • Presentation & talking points

New Products and Innovation Catalyst

Continuing from the Product Benchmark, Chapas, Chinai & Associates will work with you to identify opportunities for new and improved products, gain coverage and bring the product to market. These products will leverage our experience with nonwovens, new products for the developing world, and bio-based materials. The work is done under a confidentiality agreement and all patentable inventions identified are owned by the company.

Cost and duration:
Quotation on request; 30 to 90 days


  • Identification and analysis of alternative materials and processes to improve environmental and functional performance
  • Conceptual analysis to identify new products and lines which deliver new customer benefits, while reducing environmental impacts
  • Review of existing and potential bio-based materials as substitutes or additional components to open new markets particularly in the developing world where petroleum-based products are cost prohibitive and natural materials are readily available.
  • Comprehensive market analysis to leverage sustainable technologies into new and existing products
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