Greener Product Innovation Services

Our services are designed to develop the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and PROCESS your organization needs to operationalize greener product development – enabled by software – starting where you are.

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Custom Data Creation

As your needs evolve to model with data more specific to your products, Sustainable Minds can help. Once you request the impact factors you need, the data is sourced, verified and quickly added.

Three types of impact factors:

  • Custom generic – an expert proxy based on publicly available data
  • Supply-chain specific – From manufacturing information collected from your partners and vendors. Can be added to the SM database or to your Private Cloud.
  • Manufacturer-specific – From primary manufacturing information from your facility(ies). Can be added to the SM database or to your SM Private Cloud.

Project costs are based on the type of impact factor, quantity requested and information collection responsibilities. Quotes include the process for sourcing, collecting and verifying the data.

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Ecodesign, Eco-concept Modeling & LCA Support

To ensure the success of you and your team, we are there to support you when and how you need it. We can provide project reviews, tutorials or even just Q&A about your environmental performance assessments to:

  • Evaluate concept or project completeness
  • Determine additional data requirements
  • Interpret results; model additional concepts using advanced ecodesign strategies
  • Review your conclusions & improve your skills
  • Prepare you for executive presentations
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Training & Pilot Programs

Web-based Training
Fueling Product Innovation Through Environmental Performance

This training is designed to deliver the fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience to get your team effectively utilizing Sustainable Minds. You will learn about eco-concept modeling, and how to benchmark products and gain insights about integrating environmental performance into your product development process.

Part 1 Ecodesign & LCA (2 hours)

  • Tutorial & discussion on the fundamentals of ecodesign and LCA
  • Software demonstration
    • Project set up and functional unit
    • Building a system bill of materials (SBOM)
    • Interpreting results, analyzing comparisons, new opportunities

Part 2 Redesign (2 hours)

  • Review project and reference
  • Interpret results and generate new concepts
  • Select new concept(s) to model
  • Present results
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Pilot Program

An ideal way to train-the-trainer and the team to learn how to operationalize environmental impact assessment into product development. Extend the training through project completion to document learning & process. Present to management, execs, other business units.


  • Identify when in the product development process environmental performance assessment will be done
  • Determine who needs to be involved and when; identify data sources
  • Identify where in the lifecycle greatest impacts occur, top ecodesign strategies for improvement and innovation
  • Prove a financial ROI
  • Get buy-in from management and all groups involved
  • Create super users who are able to lead on future projects.

Pilot projects are customized to meet the needs and goals of each organization.

Step 1:
Web-based Training

See section above

Step 2:
Refine & Model

Kicks off with evaluation of learnings and prioritizing outcomes and deliverables. Core team refines strategies & new product concepts from Part 2 of the training. SM reviews and provides feedback and direction. Custom data requirements determined.

Step 3:
Pilot Presentation

Core team presents project to select team of executives, management and participants. SM works with team to optimize presentation, learnings and next steps from pilot. Sustainable Minds team is on site for final presentation.

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