TR creation process & deliverables

Designing greener and marketing greener should be an integrated process.
Sustainable Minds is committed to delivering tools and systems to enable manufacturers to develop, acquire, use and share data & knowledge to create meaningful information that presents the current environmental performance AND enables the future environmental performance to be improved.

Design Market
  • Make better decisions earlier
  • Make process more efficient
  • Operationalize into development
  • Manage supplier data, engage & reward
  • Get visibility for new greener products
  • Make transparency reporting credible & efficient
  • Standardize comparability
  • Connect buyers & sellers

Take these steps to create your certified SM Transparency Reports:

  1. Use an established Product Group Definition (PGD) or develop a new one for your products and submit for approval to Sustainable Minds' Technical Advisory Board (TAB).
  2. Determine the number of SM Transparency Report(s). This is the decision to market a single product, one product with a variation, 2 distinct products or multiple products in a series. An optional HPD Overview (Health Product Declaration) tab can be added.
  3. Create your LCA(s) and draft the LCA report(s) following the SM TR Framework Parts A & B. If you need assistance in creating LCAs, Sustainable Minds can provide expert resources to assist. Submit your LCA draft report to NSF for verification.
  4. Using the SM Transparency Report content creation process, acquire and create the content for the three-page report.
  5. Submit SM Transparency Reports for certification to NSF Sustainability.
  6. Market better – SM launches & deploys your report(s) in the SM Manufacturers Showroom.
  7. Design better – In your SM Eco-concept & LCA Software account, you get your LCA data represented as SM impact factors and CO2 equivalents in your Private Dataset with example product modeling.

More than a report, deliverables include:

SM Transparency Reports

  • Strategic marketing & lead generation tool, updatable HTML format – your content not trapped in a PDF
  • Reports live in Your Showroom in the SM Manufacturers Showroom, a public destination to showcase your greener products and your brand's commitment to environmental sustainability. Presence for 3 years, drive bi-directional traffic to your websites & social media
  • Promotion to the SM community at launch

SM Software & Data

  • SM Ecodesign & LCA Software account with 1 user subscription (additional subscriptions purchased separately)
  • Your LCA data as SM impact factors in a Private Dataset
  • Example product modeling so you can continue to design greener products