Why use Sustainable Minds?

Educate and empower product development organizations to design greener products from the start. A comprehensive SaaS software and information service, our approach allows you to innovate and grow through environmentally sustainable product design.

Create innovative, differentiated products based on greener designs.

Make more informed business decisions about what to make to reach out to new customers and markets with credibly greener products.

Life cycle and whole product systems approach define innovation opportunities for strategic roadmap and near-term actions.

Align product goals with environmental performance goals. 10 impact categories help you connect product goals with company goals.

Standardized LCA process ensures ease of comparison. Compare competing concepts, as well as different products.

Gain fast access to sustainability knowledge.

Reduce the time and effort associated with training and acquiring ecodesign and LCA knowledge from multiple, fragmented sources.

Integrated Learning Center allows you to build capacity and knowledge about the environmental performance of products, and opportunities for improvement.

Comprehensive reports allow you to share green design knowledge within teams, across departments and with partners

Evolving Sustainable Minds community enables knowledge sharing between committed practitioners.

Reduce cycle time and cost.

Identify impact improvements early in the design process. This minimizes cost from design changes and prototyping without extending the design cycle. Understand and quantify:

Relative life cycle environmental performance of your product concepts and functionally equivalent alternatives in the market.

Potential economic impacts of your design decisions and product improvements.

Potential environmental impacts in relation to each life cycle phase and/or major contribution material or process.

Win new

Create credible marketing and sales programs based on real greener design and manufacturing decisions.*

Comprehensive reports let you communicate greener features and benefits to customers and stakeholders more transparently and more meaningfully.

Detailed graphic results demonstrate sustainable design practices.

* SM results are to be used for internal intelligence and not for supporting explicit claims of superior environmental performance. External claims of comparative environmental performance require strict adherence to ISO standards and FTC guidelines. For more information, visit the ‘Communicating results’ section of the Learning Center.