Transparency Datasheets

A groundbreaking solution to address the challenges of today's LCA tools & data distribution methods, Transparency Datasheets give your brand and products visibility where your customer is specifying – and to thousands of users worldwide.

Available for use in either the public dataset or in your organization's private dataset, Transparency Datasheets are accessed in the SM Software data selector – right when and where design teams are looking for new and alternative materials and materials & components. They present functional and competitive product information supported by credible SM Single Score LCA results – without disclosing valuable LCI intellectual property.

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The value of adding your product data to Sustainable Minds is immediate.

Designing truly greener products requires access to a comprehensive source of current and credible lifecycle data. Whether you’re a manufacturer bringing new greener materials & processes to market or a finished product manufacturer engaging your suppliers, this solution is for you.

Design better

  • Immediate access for your design teams
  • Engage, educate and reward your supply chain
  • Customers won't have to estimate your products' impacts or create proxies that aren't accurate

Market better

  • Visibility where your customer is specifying, makes discovery possible to credibly compare alternatives and make better design decisions – connects specifiers with sales channels
  • Global accessibility, instantly available to manufacturers, product consultancies, education, worldwide
  • Engage prospects & customers, do real-time demos comparing advantages of your products to alternatives
  • Demonstrates transparency and your company’s commitment to greener innovation

Get started by providing one of the following:

ISO 14044 compliant LCI or LCA reports – or use our data collection worksheet.

Provide your own primary data or sponsor industry average data. Your LCI data stays private and is never exposed. It is used only to create SM impact factors.

Data creation, evaluation & security: SM reviews for consistency in modeling and assumptions assuring the data is in line with the SM methodology. Validation includes comparison against industry-average data for your product class. Data must be updated at least every three years.

Ask us about:

  • Doing LCAs of your products. Our collaborative approach collects your primary and suppliers’ data for branded or private use, develops internal capabilities; can operationalize into product development.
  • Our Partners