Sustainable Minds® easy-to-use, cloud-delivered Eco-concept + Life Cycle Assessment software makes it possible for manufacturers across the value chain – large and small – to dynamically estimate, evaluate, compare and improve their products' environmental performance by integrating life cycle thinking and LCA into their product development processes.

Sustainable Minds makes the LCA process faster and easier.
Real time assessments provide credible environmental impact data allowing you to make informed trade-off decisions between performance, cost and other criteria well before the product is made. Design options that create increased environmental impacts can be identified before changes are costly or impossible to make. It produces compelling, graphic output for fast interpretation and communication within your organization and with partners and customers. This speeds design cycles and gets products into production faster.

SM LCA requires no previous LCA training or expertise.
SM LCA is a standardized and consistent process that provides a cost-effective alternative to full-scale LCAs, which are complex, costly, time-consuming and difficult to conduct on loosely defined or rapidly evolving product concepts. SM LCA results are not intended to replace full-scale LCA results. See the ‘Communicating Results’ section of the Learning Center for more information. Sign-up for a trial.

Key features

SM's Learning Center provides how-to information on environmental performance strategy, design practices and LCA, in context.

Use in all stages of concept design, from R&D and screening possible directions to explore, through comparing final concepts.

Assess any portion of the product, the whole product system, assemblies, subassemblies and parts.

Use before or with CAD or PLM systems. Free-standing software can be used to assess the impacts from existing products, and before or while using standard design tools. Interoperates with all CAD tools for BOM import.

Combine concept comparisons with real-time LCA results.

Comprehensive impact analysis. Includes continually updated impact factors with CO2 equivalent values. Evaluates 10 environmental impact categories, including global warming. For use in North and South America, Asia, Australia.

Proven and transparent methodology. Data and scientific methodology from trusted sources, including US EPA and NIST.

Useful and understandable reports. Graphic results views make it easy to understand impacts from existing products and generate new product concepts that exponentially improve environmental performance.