Sustainable Minds Eco-concept + LCA software can help you design and market greener products. These videos show you the basics, plus explore concept modeling with real-time results. Make fast and frequent comparisons, and create graphic results which are easy to interpret and share.

1. Designing greener products

Ecodesign systematically incorporates environmental considerations into the design process. Innovation occurs when you use multiple ecodesign strategies from multiple stages. Sustainable Minds Eco-concept + LCA software enables detailed eco-concept modeling with real-time LCA-based results to generate greener product concepts.

2. Overview & tour

Get to know what Sustainable Minds Eco-concept + LCA software can do. We’ll show you the basics, plus walk you through an in-depth tour of a project so you’re ready to benchmark, model and compare concepts to design greener products.

3. Setting up a project

Set up a project according to the ISO 14040 LCA process. It starts with setting goals and scope, specifically what you want to learn from your assessment. Then build your system bill of materials (SBOM) to get real-time LCA-based results.

4. Interpreting results

Understand which ecodesign strategies or SBOM inputs are contributing to environmental performance improvements (or not), using quantified estimates of environmental performance. Make fast and frequent comparisons between concepts to design greener products.

5. Adding custom data

Browse the dataset and request new data by downloading the SM Data Request Form. We can create generic impact factors using public data, and we can also create custom impact factors using generic data and your own supply chain and primary data.

6. Printing and exporting results

Print results screens individually to a file or save as html for inclusion in presentations. Export results for each concept to a .tsv file or a spreadsheet. All items from the SBOM are displayed by life cycle, and include the scores. This data format allows flexible use of your results and your own visualizations of the data.

7. SM Impact Assessment Methodology

Sustainable Minds Impact Assessment Methodology uses EPA TRACI impact categories and NIST normalization and weighting to calculate a single figure impact score. The 10 impact categories are expressed in millipoints, and the global warming impacts are also measured in CO2 equivalents. Learn more about the methodology, how SM Single Scores are calculated, and what they mean: