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Eric Brody

Shift Advantage

Eric Brody is the Principal of Shift Advantage, a consulting company that assists companies and organizations in making the shift towards sustainability and corporate responsibility while creating competitive and financial advantage. With over a decade of experience working with large corporations, small start-up companies and non-profits, Eric has been able to prove that, with creativity and leadership, doing the right thing for the environment and society can provide a competitive advantage. 

Eric has successfully designed and implemented a wide range of strategies and initiatives, including projects relating to environmental scorecards, metrics and reporting, stakeholder development, raw material sourcing, factory code of conduct, product design, packaging, logistics, consumer education, media outreach and product recycling and reuse.  Prior to launching Shift Advantage, Eric was the Sustainability Business Integration Manager for Nike for seven years and Sustainability Manager for Nau, a technical outdoor and urban clothing company the outdoor recognized for its innovative sustainability practices, for three years.
Eric has actively participated in many working groups, organizations and voluntary programs to develop tools, conduct research, provide content expertise and cultivate change throughout industry. These include the Eco Working Group (Outdoor Industry Association), the Sustainable Water Group (BSR), Sustainable Packaging Coalition (GreenBlue), the Paper Working Group (Metafore), the Smartway Program (EPA), the Beyond Monitoring Forum (BSR), and the Climate Savers Program (World Wildlife Fund).

Eric's other activities include:

  • The Oregon Natural Step Network, Advisory Council
  • Oregon Business Association, Environment and Economic Development Committee
  • Portland Green Drinks, Founder and President
  • Vote Environment 2004 and 2008, Co-creator, Lead Coordinator and Fund Raiser

Eric is also active in the Advisory Council of the Oregon Natural Step Network, and the Environment and Economic Development Committee of the Oregon Business Association. He is the Founder and President of Portland Green Drinks, and the Co-Creator of Vote Environment in 2004 and 2008.