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Scot Herbst

LUNAR Design

Scot Herbst manages LUNAR Design’s HP design team and works as liaison to LUNAR’s ID team in Hong Kong. He led the newly released and much buzzed about HP Touchsmart, the iconic touch screen PC that looks set to shift an entire paradigm for home computing and usability. His conceptual work has also been recognized with an award from Red Dot. Scot is a pivotal member of LUNAR Elements, LUNAR’s internal sustainability initiative. He drafted and co-authored LUNAR’s “Designer’s Field Guide to Sustainability,” a document that serves as an overview of sustainable product development and the product life cycle.

One of several LUNAR Art Center alums, Scot holds a bachelor’s degree in product design. But before joining the ranks as a designer, he received a bachelor’s degree in environmental economics from Colorado College. Before Scot joined LUNAR’s ID team in 2006 he worked at Specialized Bicycle and Nike as a designer with the ACG outdoor group. In his free time, Scot is an avid windsurfer and strongly believes in his incarnation as a salt water fish in a past life.