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CUSTOMER STORY WEBCAST SERIES: Transparency is the New Green, Part 1: GAF and Knauf Insulation

By Sustainable Minds on December 10, 2016

Webinar recorded Thu, Dec 8 @ 2pm ET

Welcome to our new customer webcast series featuring building product manufacturers making credibly greener & healthier products. Learn how they are working to understand and improve the environmental performance and material health of their products.

Join us to learn about:

  • Which products have disclosures and why
  • What they learned from creating disclosures
  • What they've been doing to improve
  • How to use product transparency information to make better informed specification decisions

INTRODUCING The SM Performance Fact Sheet

By Sustainable Minds on August 3, 2016

Recorded Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016, 2–3pm EDT

Leverages your existing disclosures to make them findable on your website & in the cloud.

84% of architects research products on your website first.
– Venveo Marketing to Architects Research & Trends Report, 2016

With LEED v4 just around the corner, more AEC professionals will be looking for products with transparency information. Have you made it easy for them to find yours and what will they learn when they do?

We invite you to preview the SM Performance Fact Sheet™.
If you are a manufacturer who has already invested in environmental and material disclosures and want to unlock their value by making them findable and understandable by prospects, customers and your sales & support teams – watch this webinar.

Webinar: Meet the Program Operator Consortium

By Sustainable Minds on June 30, 2016

We are 3 standards developers & certifiers + 1 design, technology & innovation company. Our goal is to provide simpler, standardized and more useful solutions.

Recorded June 23, Thursday, 2pm ET / 11am PT

The Consortium ( is your expert resource and advocate for creating standardized product category rules (PCRs), reviewing life cycle assessment (LCA) reports, and verifying and publishing your choice of Type III environmental declaration formats: EPDs and Sustainable Minds Transparency Reports™.

Why the Consortium? With the proliferation of program operators, complex reporting requirements and an increased demand for these services, our members recognized the value of pooling resources, jointly conducting outreach, education and communications and promoting the overall use of PCRs, LCAs and EPDs in the marketplace.

This unprecedented relationship brings increased uniformity, greater recognition and visibility for your product transparency work and greater value to decision-makers when specifying your materials or products.

Partner webcast series: Health Product Declarations – Specification Strategies and Marketing Opportunities

By Sustainable Minds on March 28, 2016

Recorded Wed, March 23, 2pm ET/11am PT

Donovan Hardenbrook, Director, Health Product Declaration® Collaborative
Tara Blank, Ph.D., Principal, Elixir Environmental
Terry Swack, CEO, Sustainable Minds

Reporting product material health is becoming increasingly essential to AEC professionals. If your company isn’t ready, your products may not get specified or even considered for projects.

LEED v4 encourages manufacturers to disclose the material contents and related health hazards of their products. The Health Product Declaration (HPD) can be used to earn LEED points. However, manufacturers are challenged to produce these disclosures and AEC professionals are challenged to understand what the information means.

On this webcast: Don will provide an organizational update on the HPD Collaborative and share the latest info on the HPD Open Standard, Builder 2.0 Library and Builder API.

Tara will explain each section of the HPD version 2.0 report and then provide specification strategies to help your company succeed in the marketplace.

Webcast: Creating Knowledge Workers for the Greener Product Marketplace Part 11: Introducing lifecycle thinking across disciplines

By Sustainable Minds on March 17, 2016

On March 16th, we held the eleventh in a series of webcasts featuring educators from leading colleges and universities demonstrating how Sustainable Minds is being used in education at different learning levels. Understanding product life cycle concepts has fundamental value to students in a broad spectrum of disciplines beyond design and engineering. Learn from expert lifecycle assessment educators how they are working with students to convey life cycle thinking and ecodesign concepts through hands-on product life cycle modeling. They will share how they use Sustainable Minds to engage students in essential conversations about modeling, innovating, measuring and interpreting results.

Modular product transparency – have it your way. Part 2: Material ingredient reporting

By Sustainable Minds on February 16, 2016

Recorded Feb 12, 2016 - Part 2 of a 2-part webcast series:
Modular product transparency – have it your way.
From ‘disclosure’ to brand value: Integrating product transparency into product marketing. Watch part 1 >

ECOS Paints first in coatings industry to create SM Material Health Overviews™ (MHO) combining Health Product Declaration (HPDs) AND Declare label data to credibly tell safer and healthier products stories.

“Architects, specifiers and owners are increasingly demanding sustainable building materials with full ingredient transparency. As the first in the coatings industry to fulfill this need by publishing Declare labels and HPDs, and we are proud to be the first to produce MHOs. They present material health information in a standardized format which allows users to easily find the information they need." – Julian Crawford, ECOS Paints CEO

Modular product transparency – have it your way. Part 1: Environmental performance reporting

By Sustainable Minds on February 15, 2016

Recorded Feb 10, 2016 - Part 1 of a 2-part webcast series:
Modular product transparency – have it your way.
From ‘disclosure’ to brand value: Integrating product transparency into product marketing. Watch part 2 >

Introducing the first SM Transparency Report™ (EPD) compliant with BOTH UL Environment Parts A & B for Sanitary Ceramics and USGBC Enhanced EPD: Requirements for Product Category Rules

Modular product transparency means easily assembling an SM Transparency Report™ to include all the information you want to provide

  • Environmental performance (LCA)
  • Water footprint
  • Carbon footprint
  • Material evaluation

Compliant with ANY international standard, PCR or guidance document; using data and results from material evaluation programs

Creating SM Transparency Reports using any PCR

By Sustainable Minds on November 17, 2015

Recorded Thur, Nov 12 | 2pm ET/11am PT

Liberating manufacturers from having only one EPD option: a technical disclosure

Our compatibility process enables manufacturers to create SM Transparency Reports, our brand of EPD, using any PCR in any industry ensuring the LCA rules are the same, only the Type III environmental declaration is different.

SM Transparency Reports are strategic marketing tools that showcase both functional and environmental performance in a concise, easy to understand format for decision-makers to make informed greener purchase decisions.

  1. They describe what manufacturers are actually doing to make products greener.
  2. Add material assessment results & interpretation for comprehensive reporting.
  3. They're in the cloud, freely available and in one click, connect buyers and sellers.

Leverage your investments in product transparency and help your customers earn LEED v4 credits by making LCA, environmental performance & material health information understandable and meaningful.

The SM Material Health Overview – The Launch | Green Circle Certified and Clean Production Action

By Sustainable Minds on October 18, 2015

Partner Webcast Series, Fourth of 4
Recorded Tues, Oct 13 | 2pm ET/11am PT

Join Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds Founder & CEO, Annie Bevan, Certification & Operations Manager at Green Circle and Mark Rossi, Interim Executive Director at Clean Production Action to learn about the differences and benefits of the material health evaluation programs and how the Manufacturer Inventory and Green Circle Certified LEED v4 compliant certification can help manufacturers meet their material transparency needs.

Learn about each program's differences and benefits and how assessment results can:

  • Help make better PRODUCT design decisions
  • Help make better PROJECT design decisions
  • Be used to create an MHO to transform disclosure into brand value by integrating product transparency into product marketing and value by integrating product transparency into product marketing

The webinar will also help you to:

Webcast: The SM Material Health Overview – The Launch | Standardizing material health reporting to drive healthier building product purchase decisions

By Sustainable Minds on October 18, 2015

Partner Webcast Series, Third of 4
Recorded Tues, Oct 6 | 2pm ET/11am PT

Join Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds Founder & CEO and Stacy Glass, VP of Built Environment at Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute to learn about the differences and benefits of the material health evaluation programs and how Cradle to Cradle product certification and Material Health Certificate can:

  1. Help manufacturers understand the disclosure and rating system options, the differences and benefits of the various material health evaluation programs and how to choose what's is right for them.

  2. Introduce the SM Material Health Overview, the next in our suite of Transparency Products. The MHO is an innovative cloud-based marketing tool that makes material evaluation data understandable and meaningful by distilling the essential technical information from a disclosure and describing in plain language what it means and what the manufacturer is doing to improve.