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SCS Global Services Joins Consortium Promoting Product Environmental Transparency

By Sustainable Minds on September 8, 2016

EMERYVILLE, CA Sep 8, 2016 SCS Global Services (SCS), a leading third-party certifier of environmental, social, and quality performance claims, is pleased to announce that it has joined the Program Operator Consortium (POC). The Consortium is comprised of standards developers and certifiers specializing in the development of Product Category Rules (PCRs) and the certification of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), working together to advance environmental product transparency in the marketplace.

SCS brings 25 years of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) experience to the Consortium. A long-time innovator and recognized expert in LCA standards development, practice and applications, SCS pioneered “Type III” environmental declaration labeling in the 1990s based on LCA, the forerunner of today’s EPDs, as well as LCA-based environmentally preferable product (EPP) certifications. Additionally, SCS has worked tirelessly to advocate for the use of advanced life cycle impact assessment methods, most recently in the realm of climate accounting and carbon footprints. SCS is recognized by the American National Standards Institute as an eligible Program Operator for Product Category Rule (PCR) development, and is an accredited verifier of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

“SCS supports complete, accurate, and practical LCA,” said Stanley Mathuram, Vice President of Operations. “Our mission aligns well with the intent of the POC. We look forward to working with the Consortium to advancing product transparency in the marketplace.”

“We’re excited to add SCS to our roster of leading companies who are committed to driving greater environmental product transparency in the marketplace,” said Terry Swack, Founder & CEO of Sustainable Minds, and co-founder of the Program Operator Consortium. “The Consortium members are united in our belief that the marketplace and the cause of transparency will be best served through this type of cooperation and collaboration among program operators. Our goal is support comparability across products so that architects and designers, manufacturers, and clients can make better informed decisions.”

The Program Operator Consortium was launched at Greenbuild 2015 with founding members ASTM, ICC Evaluation Service, Sustainable Minds and NSF International. The goal of the consortium is to serve as an expert resource and advocate for creating product category rules (PCRs), reviewing life cycle assessment (LCA) reports, and verifying and publishing environmental product declarations (EPDs). Consortium members pool resources; leverage existing relationships; jointly conduct outreach, marketing, education and communications; and promote the overall use of PCRs, LCAs and EPDs in the marketplace. The addition of SCS Global Services will further strengthen this mission.

To learn more about the Program Operator Consortium, register for its webinar, Joining the Program Operator Consortium, on Wednesday, Sep 14 at 2pm ET / 11am PT.

About SCS

SCS Global Services has been providing global leadership in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development for over three decades. SCS verifies achievements for the green building, furniture, consumer product, forestry, agriculture, energy sectors, and more, providing the transparency needed to support informed decision-making, purchasing, and planning. SCS is accredited to provide services under a wide range of nationally and internationally recognized certification programs. SCS is a chartered benefit corporation, reflecting its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. In 2016, SCS was awarded the coveted Acterra Business Environmental “Award for Sustainability.”

About Program Operator Consortium

The Program Operator Consortium’s goal is to provide simpler, standardized and more useful solutions. The Consortium is your expert resource and advocate for creating standardized product category rules (PCRs), reviewing life cycle assessment (LCA) reports, and verifying and publishing your choice of Type III environmental declaration formats: EPDs and Sustainable Minds Transparency Reports™. Learn more at