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Webcast recording: Integrating Environmental Performance and Material Health Reporting

By Sustainable Minds on February 17, 2015

Recorded Tues, February 17 | 2pm ET/11am PT

Reporting environmental performance AND/OR material health of products is rapidly becoming a specification requirement for LEED v4 projects. Manufacturers are trying to determine:

  • which type of reporting to do first;
  • whether to do both; and
  • the value of providing this information at all.

There are a range of options for earning these credits. Reporting both gives a comprehensive view of what's in a product & why.

Part 1: Material health information
We'll discuss two ways to achieve the LEED v4 Material Ingredient Disclosure and Optimization credit: a sneak preview of the Health Product Declaration v2, and overview of Clean Production Action's manufacturer inventory 'How To' guide for using GreenScreen.

Part 2: Environmental performance
Life cycle assessment is the science that drives the reporting to achieve the LEED v4 Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Disclosure and Optimization credit. Traditional EPDs include a lot of technical info which is difficult for non-LCA pros to interpret and use to inform a specification decision.

We'll examine an SM Transparency Report (our brand of EPD) with a Material Health Overview included, designed to make environmental performance and material health information understandable and meaningful, all in one place. Join us for a how-to discussion for manufacturers to create value with product transparency while building a greener brand.

Tara Blank, Principal Elixir Environmental
Terry Swack, CEO Sustainable Minds

Pilot credits in LEED v3 can be earned now!
Manufacturers embracing environmental performance and material health reporting now, will benefit significantly in the years to come.