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Webcast Replay: Implementing Greener Product Innovation – SM Getting Started Programs

By Sustainable Minds on February 26, 2013

Our weekly webcasts are designed to provide an overview of Sustainable Minds’ cloud software and services to product manufacturers and educators who are new to Sustainable Minds, as well as those interested in introducing Sustainable Minds to colleagues. If you are unable to attend the live webcast, you and your colleagues can watch now, or at your convenience.

Global manufacturers agree: The biggest sustainability driver in 2013 is innovation.
The combination of consumer demand, potential financial savings, constrained resources, regulatory requirements, long term business viability and company values have already moved efforts towards make greener products from informal investigation to corporate initiative.

This webcast includes:

  1. Short business cases about product teams that are using Sustainable Minds to drive product innovation in R&D and concept development, benchmark products, analyze feasibility of logistics & reuse and more.
  2. An introduction to Sustainable Minds 'Getting Started Programs' to respond to market opportunity:

    • 45-day Proof of Concept: For product development decision-makers evaluating software and service providers.
    • Pilot Program: For product development teams and contributors responsible for learning, defining and implementing greener product development processes – our flagship offering.
    • Product Benchmark: For product or portfolio managers, R&D & technical decision-makers who need answers fast.
  3. A Sustainable Minds eco-concept modeling and LCA software demonstration including how to:

    • Use eco-concept modeling with LCA results to improve environmental performance and drive innovation
    • Navigate the SM Data Browser to quickly find the materials and processes you need
    • Use the Learning Center either as a training guide, textbook substitute or for just in time information while working on a project
    • Set up a project, creating a System Bill Of Materials (SBOM) for Production, Transportation, Use, and End of Life.
    • Compare and evaluate concepts on the Concepts tab – unique to Sustainable Minds – which shows you the results of your changes instantly

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