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Webcast: The SM Material Health Overview – The Launch | Health Product Declaration (HPDC)

By Sustainable Minds on October 6, 2015

Partner Webcast Series, First of 4
Recorded Thur, Sept 24 | 2pm ET/11am PT

Join Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds Founder & CEO and Wendy Vittori, HPDC Executive Director to learn about the differences and benefits of the material health evaluation programs and how HPD results can:

  • Help manufacturers make better PRODUCT design decisions
  • Help AEC professionals make better PROJECT design decisions
  • Be used to create a Material Health Overview to transform disclosure into brand value by integrating product transparency into product marketing.

Sustainable Minds, the first cloud software provider and program operator to focus on simplified and understandable environmental reporting, has introduced the SM Material Health Overview (MHO) — the next in its suite of Transparency Products.

The MHO is a cloud-based marketing and lead generation tool for product manufacturers to inform safer and healthier purchase decisions. They make material health information understandable and meaningful by distilling the essential technical information from a disclosure, providing plain language interpretation and describing what the manufacturer is doing to improve.

MHOs are designed to quickly and clearly provide answers to readers’ key questions: What is the product made of? Are there any hazardous ingredients? If yes, how bad are they? Are there any exposure concerns? What is the manufacturer doing to reduce the human health impacts?

Partnerships with leading material health evaluation organizations: A material health disclosure is the 'background report' for a Material Health Overview just as a life cycle assessment is the background report for an EPD. A manufacturer can create an MHO using any material health evaluation or disclosure as the background report.

"Sustainable Minds has produced an excellent interpretive report based on the information disclosures in an HPD. The MHO puts the data in a context and provides interpretation to make the disclosure information understandable.” – Wendy Vittori