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Webcast: Creating Knowledge Workers for the Greener Product Marketplace, Part 7: The World is Transforming Design Education

By Sustainable Minds on February 20, 2014

On February 11, we held the seventh in a series of webcasts featuring educators from leading colleges and universities demonstrating how Sustainable Minds is being used in education. Today's environmental challenges are driving transformation in design education. Learn from three educators from thought-leading institutions how they are using Sustainable Minds to design businesses and products that create value and catalyze positive change. 

Rebecca Silver,
Adjunct Professor MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts
– "Designers aren't in the artifact business anymore, they're in the consequence business. Design has transformed the world. Now the world is demanding the transformation of designers. The contemporary design challenge of production and consumption demands new approaches to industrial-age methodologies and orthodoxies."

Dr. Sharon Prendeville,
Research Officer Ecodesign Centre, Cardiff, UK
– "Society can no longer ignore the environmental impacts of everyday decisions. We passionately believe that design-led approaches can be a key element of making this change happen. To do this, design itself has to change. All design must consider its environmental impacts and re-adjust itself accordingly."

Michael Sammet,
Adjunct Professor MBA Design Strategy, California College of the Arts
– "Create socially responsive, culturally relevant and technologically appropriate lasting value. A business program that prepares the next generation of innovation leaders by uniting design and integrative thinking, sustainability and systems thinking, finance, leadership and entrepreneurship into a holistic strategic framework."

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