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Joep Meijer


Joep Meijer is owner and president of theRightenvironment in Austin, Texas, and helps clients to define sustainability strategies that result in improvements that can be measured. He graduated from the University of Nijmegen as an environmental chemist trying to define a quantified assessment tool for the sustainability of a paper mill. Since then he has worked as a consultant focusing on the built environment, his main field of expertise. He has worked for all major building materials and branch associations in Europe, and has developed tools for European DOT’s for sustainable design and purchasing. He has over 10 years of experience, developing more then a dozen evaluation tools, and has drafted national standards on footprinting. Joep has performed LCA studies for over 300 products.

Joep believes in investing in sustainability where it really matters. He trains design departments in sustainable design sourcing beginning with their own processes and materials and then extending to possible new materials and material uses. Empowering people to making informed decisions towards a more sustainable life and economy is his major driver. Joep enjoys communication, is a great facilitator and dares to dream. He is an expert in quantifying environmental performance using life cycle thinking and life cycle assessment methodologies. By applying these techniques he facilitates clients in making the right decision for sustainability.