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Zac West


Zac West is obsessed with three things: creativity, efficiency, and sustainability. He was a born tinkerer. He spent much of his adolescence ripping apart his parents' electronics, fixing old beat-up Subaru wagons, and altering outdoor gear right after buying it. So for Zac, industrial design school was a predictable direction. Getting his MBA was not. This shift in direction has led to interesting changes in Zac's career and worldview. Now, every time the 30-year-old Zac discusses business theory with a client, the 18-year-old Zac inside wonders, "Who is that person talking?" The once highly independent, rowdy rapscallion is now focusing his energy on creating positive world change through for-profit business. He runs IDeology, a design & sustainability consultancy firm based in Seattle. Zac can be relied on for friendly but high-octane energy, creative drive, & an enormous appetite.