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Bresslergroup: Innovates greener shipping reel to reduce costs & impacts

By Sustainable Minds on November 15, 2011

Using Sustainable Minds, the team at Bresslergroup reinvented the common wooden shipping reel to create exponential environmental improvement AND cost savings for KALAS Wire –a very tangible benefit. Improving environmental performance increased their ROI.
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Business drivers for using Sustainable Minds
Bresslergroup strives to be environmentally responsible. Implementing Sustainable Minds lets us achieve this goal easily and efficiently. Sustainable Minds enables us to create a benchmark, a starting point that we can iterate from and improve. It allows us to quickly test assumptions, evaluate and compare. This helps us determine where our design time and effort should be spent for maximum impact. Our designers use it early in the process where the design decisions are likely to yield larger benefits. Our engineers also use it to iterate and quantify the benefits of engineering optimization.

KALAS Wire, a wire and cable assembly manufacturer was facing increased pressure to reduce some of their operating costs. They hired Bresslergroup to focus on one of their biggest operating costs –the cost of wooden shipping reels used to ship millions of tons of wire and cables across the continental US. Wooden reels have been used for decades as the preferred solution for wire shipping, but its inefficient design makes them very difficult and cost prohibitive to ship back. Many of us have probably experienced these reels as furniture during college when these reels found a second life. To learn more about this story click here to view this webinar.