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Building a Lifecycle Dataset of Nonwovens Brands

By Sustainable Minds on August 2, 2013

In this July 24th webcast, Sustainable Minds CEO Terry Swack and nonwoven material innovation expert Rich Chapas, Principal of Chapas, Chinai & Associates officially introduced the Sustainable Minds Branded Data Program and the special Premier Participating Brand offering to jump-start building the nonwovens lifecycle dataset by showcasing brands that are leading the way.

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Part 1: Introduction to SM & INDA, the demand for greener products and designing and marketing greener product

At this year's IDEA 2013 Conference & Expo, INDA and Sustainable Minds announced their industry sponsor relationship to deliver a continually expanding industry-defined lifecycle dataset, example products, services & training, knowledge sharing, and ultimately creating a platform for showcasing greener manufacturers and their products. For more information visit

Today, manufacturers are facing two key problems: they need and want to 1. Design, and 2. Market greener products. Designing truly greener products requires access to a comprehensive source of current and credible lifecycle inventory (LCI) data, but:

  • There is a lack of up-to-date nonwovens LCI data that is widely available, easy to use and cost-effective.
  • Manufacturers are hesitant to disclose LCI data.
  • There are no fast data distribution systems to help bring new greener materials to market and get that information in front of customers who care.

The power of a brand is the power to be uniquely understood, appreciated, and valued by consumers in a world of ever-expanding choices. The goal of Branded Data Program is to create and fulfill demand for measurably greener materials, processes and products by showcasing brands that are leading the way.

Sustainable Minds created example projects for three types of nonwovens products – a diaper, baby wipes, and medical gown – to understand and illustrate the data requirements for product category. We are inviting all manufacturers who make materials, processes, rolled goods and components for these categories to participate.

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Part 2: Creating an industry-defined dataset, the benefits of being first, and how to get started

Sustainable Minds Branded Data Program – an innovative brand-building and lead generation solution responding to the challenges of today’s LCA tools & data distribution methods. This program enables manufacturers to:

  • Showcase their product data or sponsor industry average data
  • Demonstrate transparency while keeping their LCI data confidential and secure
  • Engage and reward their suppliers
  • Influence the industry in the most cutting edge environment by getting their greener products in front of current and future customers

Branded Data Program offers three levels of visibility: Branded, Illustrated Datasheet and Microsite. The Microsite is visibility in the Greener Manufacturers Showroom, which will be launched at Greenbuild in November of this year.

An industry-defined dataset means that industry experts are helping to develop the top requirements for data by product category to build a robust and useful dataset. The categories of focus are below. If you are an industry expert at a manufacturer in one of these categories, we invite you to participate.

Building & Construction
Furnishings: Home, Office
Roofing & Housewrap
Acoustical/Heat Insulation Filtration

Health Care


Consumer Goods
Personal Care Wipes
Personal Products
Household Cleaning Wipes

Industrial Wipers
Business Air Filters

Outerwear, Sportswear

Become a Premier Participating Brand! This special offer is a way to jump-start the industry-defined dataset by showcasing brands that are leading the way. The offer includes special pre-launch pricing, software & services, visibility and a seat at the table to define the roadmap. One of the main benefits of being first is demonstrating your brand’s commitment to transparency. The Premier offer ends October 31, 2013.

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Click here to download a handout with a detailed description of the Branded Data Program and how to become a Premier Participating Brand.

If you would like to discuss your company’s participation in the Sustainable Minds Branded Data Program, contact us at (617) 401-2269 or If the Branded Data Program isn't for you, you can still Get Started designing greener products with Sustainable Minds software & services.