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Deepwater Horizon: the Cost of Greenality

By EarthPM on June 1, 2010

A welcome: the authors of the blog below – Rich Maltzman and Dave Shirley – are respected project management experts and have recently released a book about green project management. Sustainable Minds is proud to add these well-respected experts and educators to our roster of blog contributors. We look forward to their unique perspective as project managers, and will be picking up relevant posts from their illuminating website.

In our book we talk about the Cost of Greenality.

Like the Cost of Quality, with which Project Managers should be familiar, it speaks to the idea that money spent up front to prevent problems and to be sure to meet stakeholder requirements will outweigh the savings in the medium and long run.  Below is a chart that actually we were lucky enough to present today at PMI MassBay’s Professional Development Day in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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