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Introducing 2015 SM Transparency Report™ Framework & Program From ‘disclosure’ to brand value: Integrating product transparency into product marketing

By Sustainable Minds on March 11, 2015

Webcast recorded Tues, March 10, 2pm ET/11am PT

Our intent this year is to shift mindsets and offer product manufacturers more ways to leverage their product transparency investments to create business value. Thus, our theme is: From ‘disclosure’ to brand value: Integrating product transparency into product marketing.

The 2015 SM Transparency Report Framework and Program:

  • Provides an open and flexible framework for all stakeholders & interested parties
  • Substantially reduces the time and cost of PCR development
  • Promotes environmental performance/material health awareness & improvement
  • Brings together all the product transparency puzzle pieces
  • Makes environmental information understandable to inform greener decisions

What's new includes:
Create an SM Transparency Report™ (our brand of EPD) using any PCR in any industry. Manufacturers will now have a choice of what and how to deliver on product transparency.

Your branded product information will be in the cloud, not encoded in PDFs. New Transparency Products include:

  • EPD Overview
  • Material Health Overview*
  • Brand Showroom

Join us to learn about how the 2015 SM Transparency Report Program helps to inform greener product decisions, drives continual environmental improvements and builds a credibly greener brand.

You’ll want to attend if you are a:

  • Product manufacturer
  • LCA or material health practitioner
  • Program operator, verifier or certifier
  • Purchaser or specifier of greener products

Sustainable Minds® is a B2B cloud provider of environmental product transparency applications, services & data. We believe that better design makes the complex clear. Design & customer experience is at the core of all we do.

* Material analysis method agnostic 
PCR = product category rule 
LCA = life cycle assessment 
EPD = environmental product declaration