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Modular product transparency – have it your way. Part 1: Environmental performance reporting

By Sustainable Minds on February 15, 2016

Recorded Feb 10, 2016 - Part 1 of a 2-part webcast series:
Modular product transparency – have it your way.
From ‘disclosure’ to brand value: Integrating product transparency into product marketing. Watch part 2 >

Introducing the first SM Transparency Report™ (EPD) compliant with BOTH UL Environment Parts A & B for Sanitary Ceramics and USGBC Enhanced EPD: Requirements for Product Category Rules

Modular product transparency means easily assembling an SM Transparency Report™ to include all the information you want to provide

  • Environmental performance (LCA)
  • Water footprint
  • Carbon footprint
  • Material evaluation

Compliant with ANY international standard, PCR or guidance document; using data and results from material evaluation programs

  • Health Product Declaration®
  • Manufacturer inventories using GreenScreen®
  • Declare™
  • C2C Material Health Certificate

The SM Transparency Report, our brand of EPD, delivers functional and environmental performance information in an understandable and meaningful way – IN 3 PAGES.
Now, manufacturers can use any PCR to create a Transparency Report AND optionally choose to be compliant with international standards and guidance documents including EN 15804, ISO 21930 and USGBC Enhanced EPD.

Introducing the SM Compatibility Appendix and Page 4.
Simply, the appendix includes all ADDITIONAL content requirements from the PCR, standard or guidance document that is not already included in a Transparency Report. Rather than compromise our commitment to providing concise, understandable and meaningful Type III environmental declarations, the additional content is on Page 4 in the downloadable PDF.

On this webcast we will:

Discuss the compatibility process

  • Comparison of the SM PCR Part A: Transparency Report content requirements to EPD content requirements in the ULE PCR, USGBC guidance, EN 15804 and ISO 21930.
  • Challenges for manufacturers to deliver LCAs compliant with different programs
  • How to create or request a compatibility appendix for your favorite PCR

Demonstrate TOTO’s Lavatory Sink Transparency Reports and discuss:

  • How much of the LCA's content should be required in an EPD?
  • What content is useful for an AEC professional to make a better-informed decision?
  • Why create a brief and an EPD when you can have everything in one place