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Modular product transparency – have it your way. Part 2: Material ingredient reporting

By Sustainable Minds on February 16, 2016

Recorded Feb 12, 2016 - Part 2 of a 2-part webcast series:
Modular product transparency – have it your way.
From ‘disclosure’ to brand value: Integrating product transparency into product marketing. Watch part 1 >

ECOS Paints first in coatings industry to create SM Material Health Overviews™ (MHO) combining Health Product Declaration (HPDs) AND Declare label data to credibly tell safer and healthier products stories.

“Architects, specifiers and owners are increasingly demanding sustainable building materials with full ingredient transparency. As the first in the coatings industry to fulfill this need by publishing Declare labels and HPDs, and we are proud to be the first to produce MHOs. They present material health information in a standardized format which allows users to easily find the information they need." – Julian Crawford, ECOS Paints CEO

“We applaud the leadership taken by ECOS Paints to help the world understand the importance of transparency and full disclosure in materials. Since transparency has diminished value if you can’t understand what you are looking at, ECOS Paints’ pioneering work, by providing the additional details in the MHOs, helps all of us shift the building industry in a more responsible, less toxic direction.” – Jason F. McLennan, Founder & Chair, International Living Future Institute

“Sustainable Minds has produced an excellent interpretive report, based on the information disclosures in an HPD. The MHO puts the data in a context and provides interpretation to make the disclosure information understandable.” – Wendy Vittori, Executive Director, Health Product Declaration® Collaborative

Modular product transparency means easily assembling an SM Material Health Overview™ to include all the information you want to provide for:

  • Single products
  • Product families
  • Product groups

Using data and results from your choice of material evaluation programs:

  • Health Product Declaration®
  • Manufacturer inventories using GreenScreen®
  • Declare™
  • C2C Material Health Certificate

Available as a standalone report OR include it in an SM Transparency Report™, the first EPD and material health evaluation delivered in one cloud-based report.

The MHO combines product sustainability efforts into one integrated story and standardizes the presentation of results from ANY of the programs in one, comprehensive report.
A new cloud-based marketing tool, the MHO makes disclosure data understandable and meaningful by distilling essential technical information, describing what it means and what the manufacturer is doing to improve. It makes this information useful for non-technical readers.

Manufacturers large and small are putting product transparency to work.
Leverage the investments YOU’VE ALREADY MADE in material ingredient assessments.

On this webcast we will:

Demonstrate ECOS Paints MHOs and discuss how they were created

  • Interpreting results from two types of disclosures to communicate meaningful information
  • Options for single product, product group or product family MHOs

Discuss the material evaluation disclosure and rating system options

  • Understand the disclosure & rating system options; how to choose which is/are right for you
  • Considerations for grouping multiple products in a single disclosure