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SM Transparency Report™ Framework: Product group definitions - How to create, comment on and use

By Sustainable Minds on July 30, 2014

SM Transparency Report™ Program
Simplifying and standardizing product transparency reporting
Webcast recorded on Tuesday, July 29, 2pm ET

The increased demand for transparency and greener products requires a comprehensive solution. The SM Transparency Report Program creates a market-facing deliverable that does more than help your customers 'check a box.'

On our last webcast, we introduced the program's methodology, the SM Transparency Report Framework – a re-engineered product category rule (PCR) development process. Based on EN15804+A1 and in compliance with ISO 14040-44 and 14025, the framework provides a comprehensive LCA-based, time and cost-efficient, harmonized and user-friendly way to create product group definitions to enhance consistency in product transparency reporting.

Current PCR processes are not well-designed for today’s transparency demand.
Many PCRs attempt to cover too many product groups compromising comparability at the product level because they are too general. Generalized industry PCRs have been created in the effort to standardize comparability but have failed to enhance comparability. Further, there are many PCRs where no environmental product declarations (EPDs) have been produced as the formats for publishing are insufficient.

We invite you to comment on the PGDs in review > 

What constitutes a product group?
A product group consists of products that compete for/deliver the SAME function or purpose. Product group definitions (PGD) use a functional performance requirement(s) that impacts/drives the environmental performance of the products as codified or specified in national standards. From this baseline, each manufacturer can then demonstrate business advantage and differentiation.

Join us along with our special guest: Kristen Girts, TOTO's LCA and Transparency Report Program Manager. Kristen will give a first-hand account of the process of creating five product group definitions for commercial and residential plumbing products.

This webcast is for manufacturers in all industries. You will learn:

  • What is the SM Transparency Report Framework
  • What is Part A: LCA calculation rules and report requirements
  • About Part B and the 5 product group definitions currently available for public comment
  • How to initiate, comment and use a product group definition to create an SM Transparency Report

An SM Transparency Report is a strategic marketing and lead generation tool that informs greener purchase decisions by making LCA and environmental performance information understandable and meaningful. A third-party certified SM Transparency Report is an ISO 14025 Type III environmental declaration (aka an EPD).