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Project Builder / Configurator & Library makes product transparency understandable AND actionable.

By Sustainable Minds on November 19, 2017

Special launch webinar | recorded Thurs, November 16 | 2pm ET

In response to the most urgent product transparency challenges:

  • the need for product transparency education across the industry
  • the ease of finding products with credible transparency information
  • the ability for manufacturers to demonstrate an ROI

Now available to all manufacturers in the SM Transparency Catalog,

showcase your high performing, greenest and healthiest products and make it easy for building professionals to select, specify attributes, save in a Project Library, collaborate with teams and get quick access to transparency documents, specifications and help.

Learn while you do.

In this launch webinar, we will take a tour of the new application and discuss how Sustainable Minds and Knauf Insulation worked with design professionals over the past 18 months to bring this game-changing solution to market.

SM transparency catalog image

“Educating people about product transparency, sustainability and how to specify insulation – and at the same time learn about how manufacturers are making their products – equips the design professional to make better informed decisions. Moving product selection upstream in the design process ensures that we get the products that help us meet our sustainable design goals into the specifications.”
– Daniel Overbey, AIA, Dir. of Sustainability, LEED AP, WELL AP | Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf

The SM Transparency Catalog is the educational marketing and customer service solution that makes it easy for AECs and manufacturers’ employees & partners to find all the brands and all their products with transparency disclosures to inform greener and healthier specification decisions. By educating the industry to understand what product transparency information means and how to use it, change happens.
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