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No magic formula… but Sustainable Minds is removing the complexity and cost of LCA for the nonwovens industry

By Sustainable Minds on June 13, 2013

This month Sustainable Minds was featured in Sustainable Nonwovens, the leading publication for the twenty-eight billion dollar global nonwovens industry. Download the PDF to read the complete article. >

At this year's IDEA 2013 Conference & Expo in Miami, it was announced that nonwovens industry body INDA is joining forces with Sustainable Minds (SM) – the global leader in cloud-based life cycle assessment software. Sustainable Nonwovens editor, Adrian Wilson, caught up with SM’s CEO Terry Swack to find out how the company’s nonwovens solution is progressing and its industry sponsor relationship with INDA.

“The drive for more sustainable products is often ‘top down’ – from consumers, retailers and brands and onto manufacturers and their suppliers. While recognising the benefits, I think it’s fair to say that the additional activity and cost required for compliance is not always welcome by some at ground level. So any system that allows the job to get done more efficiently and affordably – while also serving as a springboard to new product design innovation – has to be a good thing.”
Adrian Wilson, Editor, Sustainable Nonwovens

Read the press release: INDA Joins Sustainable Minds Industry Sponsor Program To Deliver the First Industry-Defined Lifecycle Dataset for Nonwovens


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