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The SM Material Health Overview – The Launch | Green Circle Certified and Clean Production Action

By Sustainable Minds on October 18, 2015

Partner Webcast Series, Fourth of 4
Recorded Tues, Oct 13 | 2pm ET/11am PT

Join Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds Founder & CEO, Annie Bevan, Certification & Operations Manager at Green Circle and Mark Rossi, Interim Executive Director at Clean Production Action to learn about the differences and benefits of the material health evaluation programs and how the Manufacturer Inventory and Green Circle Certified LEED v4 compliant certification can help manufacturers meet their material transparency needs.

Learn about each program's differences and benefits and how assessment results can:

  • Help make better PRODUCT design decisions
  • Help make better PROJECT design decisions
  • Be used to create an MHO to transform disclosure into brand value by integrating product transparency into product marketing and value by integrating product transparency into product marketing

The webinar will also help you to:

  • Understand the disclosure & rating system options; how to choose which is/are right for them.
  • Sort out the complexity of ingredient disclosure to inform safer & healthier specification decisions.


The SM Material Health Overview combines product sustainability efforts into one integrated story and standardizes the presentation of results from ANY of the programs in one, comprehensive report.

A new cloud-based marketing tool, the MHO makes disclosure data understandable and meaningful by distilling essential technical information, describing what it means and what the manufacturer is doing to improve. 

“GreenCircle has partnered with CPA and SM to deliver third-party certified Manufacturers Inventories to verify compliance with LEED v4 requirements. Certifying helps streamline complex LEED v4 credits and aids specifiers in making informed decisions. The MHO is the first standard format for MI's which makes the data being disclosed clear, comprehensible and delivered in a context useful for decision-making.” – Annie Bevan