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The SM Transparency Report™ Program: A step change innovation in the PCR/EPD process

By Sustainable Minds on October 8, 2014

With Greenbuild just around the corner and interest in LEED v4 and product transparency increasing amongst manufacturers and their customers, there’s concern that building product manufacturers won’t be ready.

The SM Transparency Report™ Program is a step change innovation in the PCR/EPD process to standardize, harmonize and make product transparency reporting understandable and meaningful, it’s also faster, scalable, cost efficient and user-friendly.

It is based on these fundamental ideas:

  1. The increased demand for transparency and greener products requires a comprehensive solution. Incremental changes to existing processes won’t move the market.
  2. Better design makes the complex clear.
  3. Provide real advantages over how things are done today.
  4. Allow for continual improvement based on learning and engagement.
  5. Focus on the benefits the solution provides to all stakeholders.
  6. It’s all about the Transparency Report, the product category rule (PCR) is a means to an end.

A third-party certified SM Transparency Report is an ISO 14025 Type III environmental declaration, our brand of EPD, designed for manufacturers to leverage their LCA investment into credible, consistent and understandable marketing tools to effectively build their greener brands.

On this webcast we will:

  • Go through the step-by-step process to create a Transparency Report, from product group definition (PGD) to certified Transparency Report.
  • Review the SM Transparency Report Framework, a 2-part PCR process. Part A will be available for public comment along with the first Transparency Report in the certification process.

You’ll also learn:

  • What are the real differences from other PCR processes
  • How EN 15804 is used to describe how to do LCA to create a Transparency Report for any product, any industry
  • How all Transparency Reports are created in alignment with a common rulebook that creates a level playing field for all industries, materials and products

‘Keep the science, re-engineer the process.’