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Sustainable Minds release 1.3 – Unit conversions

By Sustainable Minds on May 19, 2010

Release 1.3 of Sustainable Minds allows you to enter data in the units your BOM or project uses and includes a broad range of both metric and imperial units. For example, 0.25 kg of aluminum can now be entered as 0.25 kg, 250 g, or 0.00027558 short tons. Sustainable Minds then converts the measurements to a common unit to deliver the impact assessment results.

Unit conversion is available for the manufacturing, use, and transportation stages of the product’s lifecycle, for both manual part and sub-assembly entry and BOM import.

Available units

Description Symbol
Kilowatt-hour kWh
Megajoule MJ
Kilojoule kJ
Joule J
British thermal unit Btu
Kilocalorie kcal
Therm thm
Inch [inches] in
Foot [feet] ft
Yard [yards] yd
Mile mi
Millimeter mm
Centimeter cm
Decimeter dm
Meter m
Kilometer km
Surface area
Square inch [square inches] in2
Square foot [square feet] ft2
Square yard [square yards] yd2
Square mile [square miles] mi2
Acre acre
Square millimeter mm2
Square centimeter cm2
Square meter m2
Hectare h
Square kilometer km2
Degrees Fahrenheit °F
Degrees Celsius °C
Second [seconds] s
Minute [minutes] min
Hour h
Day [days] day
Year [years] year
Tablespoon tbsp
Teaspoon tspn
Cubic inch [cubic inches] in3
US quart (dry) us dry quart
Cubic foot [cubic feet] ft3
Cubic yard [cubic yards] yd3
US gallon (liquid) gal
Cup cup
US ounce (liquid) oz
US pint (liquid) pt