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Transparency is the New Green in Healthy, High Performance Schools: Part 9: Oregon Door, CEMCO & CHPS

By Sustainable Minds on June 25, 2018

Recorded Tue, June 26, 2–3pm ET

Welcome to our webcast series featuring manufacturers making credibly greener & healthier products and are involved with CHPS. Learn how they are working to understand and improve the environmental performance and material health of their products.

Oregon Door


Join us to learn about:

  • Which products have disclosures and why
  • What they learned from creating disclosures
  • What they've been doing to improve
  • How to use their product transparency information to make better informed specification decisions
  • How to use the SM Transparency Catalog – all the brands investing in product transparency, free to use, no login
  • Check out the Oregon Door and CEMCO listings.
Gretchen Withers, Oregon Door Steve Farkas, CEMCO
Gretchen Withers
Sustainability & Compliance Manager
Oregon Door
Steve Farkas
Director, Business Development

Also meet:

Lisa Dunnebacke
Communications & Membership Director, CHPS

Terry Swack
CEO & Founder, Sustainable Minds

The SM/CHPS partnership promotes the use of products with environmental and material health disclosures in K-12 educational facilities. CHPS is a leading national organization to improve student performance by building the best possible schools, incorporating integrated design, sustainable products and leading construction practices.
All the brands investing in product transparency, free to use, no login

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