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Transparency is the New Green in product selection, specification & procurement: Material Disclosure Miniseries, Part 3 of 3 - Understanding Declare & Living Products

By Sustainable Minds on June 15, 2022

Recorded Tue, Jun 7, 2-3pm ET

Meet the leading material ingredient disclosure programs (Declare & Living Product Challenge, Health Product Declaration, Cradle to Cradle Certified®) helping AECOs and MFRs make better decisions about materials used in products and projects. While the disclosures from all the programs contribute to green building rating system materials credits, each provides different information.

Attend each one to learn about:
AECOs – The different info provided in each type of disclosure and how to use to make decisions about brands and products
MFRs – Which program(s) is right for your business based on R&D, innovation, market position and sales goals

The Declare label and Living Product Challenge certification are nutrition labels for products. Whether your goals are climate, health, or justice, they are where designers and manufacturers can take action on their sustainability pledges.

Join us for demos and to learn about:

  • How Declare and Living Product Challenge have sparked industry transformation and how new updates are redefining healthy materials.

  • How Mohawk Group uses Declare and Living Product Challenge to create products that make a positive impact on the world – and to reduce its carbon footprint to beyond zero!

  • How to use the Transparency Catalog to find all the brands with Declare and Living Product Challenge products in every MasterFormat® section, in 1 click.

Ren DeCherney, International Living Future Institute Abby Droese, Mohawk Industries
Ren DeCherney
Director of Materials
International Living Future Institute
Abby Droese, MPH
Sustainability Analyst
Mohawk Industries
Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds Terry Swack
Sustainable Minds
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The Transparency Catalog is revolutionizing high performance building product selection, specification and procurement by radically simplifying the delivery of transparency information.
Continually updated and curated by Sustainable Minds' data team, it includes every building product MFR in N. America creating material disclosures in every program and EPDs from every program operator in N. America,

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