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Transparency is the New Green in Product Selection and Specification: 2020 Product Transparency Trend Report

By Sustainable Minds on February 25, 2020

Recorded Tue, Feb 18, 2–3pm ET

From Early Mainstream to Specification Requirement

Today, there are 1,270+ MFRs producing thousands of transparency disclosures (EPDs & material ingredient) across 21 CSI MasterFormat® divisions.

Since the 2016 launch of the Transparency Catalog, Sustainable Minds has tracked the demand for, and creation of, product transparency disclosures. Increasingly, architects, contractors, engineers and owners have become more knowledgeable about what the disclosures mean. Environmental performance and material health are performance criteria. To design and construct actually higher-performing buildings, actually higher-performing products must be specified.

Join us to learn about:

  • Which MasterFormat® (MF) divisions have the most product transparency activity and why

  • The increase in MFRs creating EPDs with fewer PCRs MF divisions 07 Thermal and Moisture Protection and 09 Finishes, a deeper dive

  • Understanding EC3 tool results in a Transparency Catalog listing and how to compare the embodied carbon across EPDs in a category

  • Using the Transparency Catalog to find all MFRs with transparency disclosures in each MF division and section – in 1 click!

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Terry Swack
Founder/CEO, Sustainable Minds

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