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Transparency is the New Green in Product Selection and Specification Part 12: CIMA–CIMAC deliver the first industry EPD for Loose-Fill Cellulose Insulation, a carbon-storing material

By Sustainable Minds on January 22, 2020

Recorded Mon, Jan 20, 2–3pm ET | 11–12pm PT

Welcome to our webcast series featuring manufacturers making credibly greener and healthier products. Learn how they are working to understand and improve the environmental performance and material health of their products.

Join Terry Swack, moderator, to learn about:

  • Embodied carbon, net zero energy, net zero carbon, biogenic materials and carbon sink/carbon storing materials: What these terms mean and how they relate
  • Strategies for reducing up-front embodied and operational carbon emissions to get to net zero carbon
  • Loose-Fill Cellulose Insulation: What it is & how to use
  • The first industry-wide EPD created as a benchmark to which product-specific EPDs can be compared and how the embodied carbon results compare to other types of insulation in the Embodied Carbon in Construction (EC3) tool
  • Using the Transparency Catalog, do more in 1 click
Dan Lea
Executive Director
Chris Magwood

CIMA-CIMAC (Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association & Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association of Canada) Members are manufacturing companies that walk the talk when it comes to thinking globally and acting locally. Check out the CIMA–CIMAC listing to contact the participating manufacturers.

ENDEAVOUR CENTRE occupies a unique position in the green building world, bringing together high-performance and natural building. The school runs two full-time, certificate programs: Sustainable New Construction and Sustainable Renovations and hosts many hands-on workshops annually.

Cellulose insulation has negative carbon impact!

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Industry EPD for Conventional Loose-Fill Cellulose Insulation