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Transparency is the New Green in Product Selection and Specification: Using the EC3 tool & Transparency Catalog to make lower embodied carbon decisions

By Sustainable Minds on April 8, 2020

Recorded Thu, Apr 2, 2–3pm ET

Using EPDs to make decisions about which products have better environmental performance isn't simple, but now there’s the EC3 tool.

Since going live at Greenbuild 2019, 5,000+ people have signed up for Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) accounts! The EC3 tool is a collaborative, open-source industry-led sustainability platform that helps professionals make better decisions about embodied carbon in construction, and enables supply chain accountability.

Learn about the EC3 / Sustainable Minds partnership. We are committed to simplifying product transparency reporting, make EPD data more understandable and meaningful and deliver easy to use and powerful tools.

Join us for demos and to learn about:

  • How to use EC3 to select low carbon products for projects Success stories from early users
  • How EPD data is used; the EC3 tool methodology
  • Understanding EC3 tool results in the Transparency Catalog and how to compare across EPDs in a category
  • How MFRs can ensure their EPDs are there
Stacy Smedley, Building Transparency, Skanska Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds
Stacy Smedley
Exec Dir. Building Transparency
Dir. Sustainability, Skanska USA
Terry Swack
Founder/CEO, Sustainable Minds

EC3 gypsum table

Continually updated and curated by Sustainable Minds experts to include every building product MFR in N. America creating EPDs from every program operator in N. America. The Transparency Catalog is revolutionizing green building product selection and specification by radically simplifying the delivery of transparency information.

We're making it super easy to find & specify greener and healthier products for your high-performance building projects — and reward manufacturers for making them.

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