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Transparency is the New Green in Product Selection, Specification & Procurement: GATE Precast & Master Builders Solutions – Sustainable Construction

By Sustainable Minds on December 15, 2021

Recorded Thu, Dec 9, 2–3pm ET

Improving concrete & chemical products / solutions.

Concrete & steel are high impact materials and also the most widely used. Meet two MFRs providing products and solutions to simplify and streamline the construction process to help building owners, design professionals, concrete producers and contractors to build and restore structures, more sustainably.

GATE Precast & Master Builders Solutions – Sustainable Construction

With special guests

*Master Builders Solutions is part of the newly formed MBCC Group which emerged from the former BASF Construction Chemicals business and started operations October 1, 2020.

Join us to learn about:

  • Each brand's history and stories about their transparency journeys, strategies and innovations
  • Great project and application stories
  • Key project examples
  • Benefits of creating transparency disclosures, why they did them, learnings and improvements
  • Using product transparency to make better informed specification decisions
  • How to use the Transparency Catalog and the value to MFRs

Visit the Transparency Catalog to select and specify their products.

GATE Precast is one of the largest and most diversified precast concrete producers in the United States, with nine manufacturing facilities. Design-assist collaborations between Gate’s in-house engineering teams and national level design firms is our hallmark. We offer facade solutions, structural precast, including parking garages. In addition to our full thickness precast façade systems, we offer GateLite, a prefabricated and pre-insulated wall panel system.

Master Builders Solutions is the global brand of advanced construction chemicals and solutions for any new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. With over 100 years of experience, our comprehensive portfolio encompasses air/water resistive barriers, concrete admixtures & fibers, waterproofing systems, sealants, concrete repair & protection systems, performance grouts, resinous flooring and continuous insulation wall systems.

The Transparency Catalog makes it super easy to find & specify greener and healthier products — and reward building product MFRs for making them. Now with 1,650+ brands across 27 CSI MasterFormat® divisions and 1,150+ sections. Find out why and how AECOs and MFRs use it.

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