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Transparency is the New Green in product selection, specification & procurement: Getting Started with Transparency & Material Health Using HPDs & the Transparency Catalog

By Sustainable Minds on June 2, 2021

Recorded Wed, May 19, 2–3pm ET

The Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Open Standard is the most widely used transparency and material health reporting method in the building industry, with over 8,000 published HPD reports representing over 20,000 building products.

In this webinar, we will discuss the recent advances in ease-of-use and information technology tools that are now available to MFRs, architects, engineers, contractors, and owners (AECOs) to help respond to the growing need for healthier and safer building products.

Join us for demos and to learn about:

  • Transparency and material health reporting for building products using HPDs
  • Using the HPD Builder online system, easy, low-cost steps for MFRs to get started on reporting their products
  • Accessing HPD reports in supply chain tools and building product libraries
  • SM's technical support for MFRs creating HPDs
  • How the Transparency Catalog makes it super easy to find all MFRs with HPDs in all MasterFormat® sections
Wendy Vittori, HPDC John Geyer, HPDC
Wendy Vittori
Executive Director
Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC)
John Geyer
Program Director
Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds Terry Swack
Sustainable Minds
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About the HPDC / Sustainable Minds partnership: Using the HPD Builder API, our expert data team adds every published HPD to the Transparency Catalog. Each HPD is reviewed for rating systems credit eligibility and added to the appropriate MasterFormat® section to ensure accurate findability.

Together, we are committed to simplifying product transparency reporting, making HPD data more understandable and meaningful and delivering easy to use and powerful tools.

Who should attend: Building product MFRs and AECOs getting started with these practices.

Transparency Catalog products with HPDs

HPDs in the Transparency Catalog: Each HPD is correlated with the product(s) it covers. Scope, results, expiration and 3rd party verification are easily viewed. The handy tooltip decodes the attributes making it possible for everyone to gain knowledge and fluency in using HPDs.

Continually updated and curated by Sustainable Minds' data team to include every building product MFR in N. America creating EPDs from every program operator in N. America. The Transparency Catalog is revolutionizing green building product selection and specification by radically simplifying the delivery of transparency information.

AECOs: Schedule a demo!
MFRs: Contact us about adding your products.

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