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Webcast #3: The Truth About Environmental Performance Software (Replay)

By Sustainable Minds on November 24, 2010

Originally recorded on November 18, 2010, this webcast features Nancy Johnson, editor-in-chief, Cadalyst magazine as moderator, with key representatives from the LCA and PLM worlds discussing the issues honestly and openly:

  • Terry Swack, CEO & Founder, Sustainable Minds
  • Jørgen Vos, Product Management Director, Life Cycle Analytics, PTC InSight Product Analytics
  • Lise Laurin, founder, EarthShift
  • Amy A. Rowell, founder and principal analyst, Four Winds Research

In the effort to create greener products, environmental performance software is but one piece of the puzzle. Sustainable product development requires new knowledge, skills, and processes - supported by technology and applied across the product lifecycle.

Software tools alone are never the answer to solving new, complex business problems. People have to learn new stuff, develop new processes, collaborate differently and have the right software to operationalize the new approach. Many people across an organization contribute to decisions about which products to make and how to make them. People who never touch a CAD program wield as much influence on the design as those who draw. Processes and software must support this reality.

Do the tools available today effectively support the lifecycle thinking that results in innovative, profitable, earth-friendly products? How does a company determine which environmental performance software is the best choice? The third presentation in Cadalyst's On the Edge webcast series answers these and other questions you should be asking your organization - and the software providers. Join Cadalyst and representatives of key software developers as we dig for answers in a community forum that avoids sales pitches in favor of spirited, open discussion and mutual progress.

We hope you enjoy the replay >