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Webcast replay: How TOTO Incorporates Eco-Design and LCA into Product Evolution

By Sustainable Minds on March 26, 2013

On March 19, the PDMA's Sustainable Innovation Webinar Series featured Bill Strang, President TOTO Americas and Sustainable Minds advocate, where he wowed attendees by showing how the world’s largest manufacturer of bath products, uses life cycle thinking to its advantage in the marketplace.

Bill covered a number of topics that have led to TOTO’s success and leadership in sustainability:

  • Thinking beyond compliance keeps you ahead of the design innovation curve
  • Eco-design coupled with LCA creates the benchmark for bringing products to market
  • Bio-mimicry inspires and refines designs 
  • People Centered Design and the use of empathic feedback 

TOTO USA is a leader and innovator in minimizing the impact of its products and manufacturing processes on the environment. Conserving water and energy in everything the company does has become an integral piece of product design and evolution at TOTO.
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