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Webcast Replay: Introducing v3.0 - Part 1: What’s New

By Sustainable Minds on June 12, 2013

In this webcast, Terry Swack (Founder & CEO) and Joep Meijer (LCA Technical Expert) introduce SM v3.0. Now Sustainable Minds can partner with manufacturers to get visibility for their brand and make product data available to manufacturers, consultancies, educators & students worldwide – making it easy and cost-effective for raw material and component manufacturers to get ready to meet their customers’ reporting requirements and win business.

This webcast includes:

  1. What’s new in SM v3.0:
    • Your data, Branded Data

    • Custom Data Creation Program, cloud delivery and expanded services for creating the life cycle data your project teams need – when they need it – for your project, company, or industry.

    • Branded Data Program – the innovative next phase in SM’s Custom Data Creation Program. Manufacturers across the value chain can quickly get their new greener materials information in front of customers who care. The first offering includes visibility in the data browsing and selection process.

    • New data
    • SM2013, a major update to our impact assessment method, combines TRACI 2.1 and LCI data from the current version of ecoinvent and other sources for more globally harmonized LCA results. The toxicity impact categories have been generated from USEtox™, the most recognized toxicity impact assessment method.

    • An expanded dataset for the Nonwovens Industry – over 350 impact factors for bio-based oils, organic chemical, inorganic chemicals and fibers were added. Learn more about SM’s industry sponsor INDA, the global association for the Nonwovens Industry, and building the first industry-defined lifecycle dataset for nonwovens.

  2. An introduction to Sustainable Minds:

    • Sustainable Minds is the #1 Cloud LCA software for greener product innovation, now used by industry and education in 600 locations in 60 countries. Representative customers include many in the building products industry, manufacturers, design and engineering consultants, educators across many different disciplines – business, engineering, design and different degree programs – undergrad, grad, continuing education/online and on-site.

  3. Drivers in the market:

    • Environmental Performance, we believe that environmental performance is an innovation driver that should lower costs and increase revenues and that companies making it a goal will achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    • Transparency driving LCA-based standards, metrics, & certifications, increasingly managing supply chain risk is about getting participants to be transparent. Industry associations, certification organizations, government agencies, and NGOs are defining their own metrics, methods, and templates. The push in the industry to create Product Category Rules (PCRs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) is to try to enable a standard way for manufacturers of common products to measure and compare in order to better inform decision-making. To do this requires new knowledge, processes, and tools.