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  • Sustainable Minds and GAF introduce new SM Performance Fact Sheet™

    by Sustainable Minds on October 5, 2016

    Cloud-Based Reports Make It Easier Than Ever to Select Products with Transparency Information

    LOS ANGELES, CA/Parsippany, NY, October 5, 2016 -- 
    Cloud software and services company, Sustainable Minds, is proud to introduce the SM Performance Fact Sheet™ with North America’s largest roofing manufacturer and product transparency leader, GAF. The SM Performance Fact Sheet™ is the latest in Sustainable Mind’s suite of Transparency Products. This strategic marketing and lead generation tool allows building product manufacturers to help the design and construction community make safer and healthier purchase decisions.

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  • Leading Green Building Consortium Expands on First Anniversary

    by Sustainable Minds on October 4, 2016

    Program Operator Consortium welcomes Canadian standards developer CSA Group and global software and LCA services provider thinkstep

    Los Angeles, October 5, 2016 — The green building industry’s first and leading consortium of program operators announced today at Greenbuild the addition of two new members and an enhanced technical advisory board. CSA Group is now a member, while thinkstep is an affiliate member.

    This marks the first anniversary of the Program Operator Consortium (POC), which launched last year to provide simpler, standardized and more useful environmental product transparency solutions and to reduce complexity in the marketplace. The consortium serves as an expert resource and advocate for creating product category rules (PCRs), reviewing life cycle assessment reports (LCA), and verifying and publishing environmental product declarations (EPDs).

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  • SCS Global Services Joins Consortium Promoting Product Environmental Transparency

    by Sustainable Minds on September 7, 2016

    EMERYVILLE, CA Sep 8, 2016 SCS Global Services (SCS), a leading third-party certifier of environmental, social, and quality performance claims, is pleased to announce that it has joined the Program Operator Consortium (POC). The Consortium is comprised of standards developers and certifiers specializing in the development of Product Category Rules (PCRs) and the certification of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), working together to advance environmental product transparency in the marketplace.

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  • Introducing the North American PCR Catalog, v1.0

    by Sustainable Minds on August 18, 2016

    Take a look! Is there an expiring PCR in your industry or one you’d like to create?

    Sustainable Minds created the North American PCR Catalog for 2 reasons:

  • INTRODUCING The SM Performance Fact Sheet

    by Sustainable Minds on August 2, 2016

    Recorded Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016, 2–3pm EDT

    Leverages your existing disclosures to make them findable on your website & in the cloud.

    84% of architects research products on your website first.
    – Venveo Marketing to Architects Research & Trends Report, 2016

    With LEED v4 just around the corner, more AEC professionals will be looking for products with transparency information. Have you made it easy for them to find yours and what will they learn when they do?

    We invite you to preview the SM Performance Fact Sheet™.
    If you are a manufacturer who has already invested in environmental and material disclosures and want to unlock their value by making them findable and understandable by prospects, customers and your sales & support teams – watch this webinar.

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  • Webinar: Meet the Program Operator Consortium

    by Sustainable Minds on June 30, 2016

    We are 3 standards developers & certifiers + 1 design, technology & innovation company. Our goal is to provide simpler, standardized and more useful solutions.

    Recorded June 23, Thursday, 2pm ET / 11am PT

    The Consortium ( is your expert resource and advocate for creating standardized product category rules (PCRs), reviewing life cycle assessment (LCA) reports, and verifying and publishing your choice of Type III environmental declaration formats: EPDs and Sustainable Minds Transparency Reports™.

    Why the Consortium? With the proliferation of program operators, complex reporting requirements and an increased demand for these services, our members recognized the value of pooling resources, jointly conducting outreach, education and communications and promoting the overall use of PCRs, LCAs and EPDs in the marketplace.

    This unprecedented relationship brings increased uniformity, greater recognition and visibility for your product transparency work and greater value to decision-makers when specifying your materials or products.

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  • EDU Webcasts | Showcasing great curriculum from our popular series

    by Sustainable Minds on June 21, 2016

    Creating Knowledge Workers for the Greener Product Marketplace
    Showcasing great curriculum stories from this series, 2012–2016

    Learn how to integrate Sustainable Minds into your curriculum.
    Get ready for next semester!

    Designed to showcase curriculum from this popular series, we selected presentations from 12 educators to create one presentation for each discipline. These diverse educators have shared how they are working with students to advance and inform lifecycle thinking. The common thread—they use Sustainable Minds to engage students in essential conversations about environmental performance and product innovation.

    MAY 25 – Business & strategy
    JUNE 1 – Product design & innovation
    JUNE 8 – Manufacturing & mechanical engineering

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  • 2016 SM Transparency Report™ / EPD Framework: Aligning, and aligned with, the industry

    by Sustainable Minds on May 5, 2016

    Sustainable Minds®, a B2B cloud provider of environmental product transparency applications, services and data, has introduced the 2016 SM Transparency Report™ / EPD Framework bringing major advancements to the process of creating and delivering environmental product transparency reports.

    Since the Program’s inception in 2014, the goal has been to reduce creation time and costs while increasing usefulness and value. The SM Transparency Report™, Sustainable Minds’ brand of EPD, is designed to inform greener purchase decisions by making LCA and environmental performance information understandable and meaningful, in three pages, in the cloud. They are strategic marketing tools that turn disclosure into brand value by integrating product transparency into product marketing to build a credibly greener brand.

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  • Manufacturers Discuss Need for Product Transparency, Stewardship in Green Building Industry with Major Consortium

    by Sustainable Minds on April 12, 2016

    SAN ANTONIO April 13, 2016 —Today, a first-of-its-kind consortium in the green-building industry convened 15 manufacturers and industry representatives from around the world to hear their needs for enhancing product transparency and stewardship through effective product category rules (PCRs), life cycle assessment reports (LCAs), environmental product declarations (EPDs), and next generation product transparency solutions including Sustainable Minds Transparency Reports™.

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  • Partner webcast series: Health Product Declarations – Specification Strategies and Marketing Opportunities

    by Sustainable Minds on March 28, 2016

    Recorded Wed, March 23, 2pm ET/11am PT

    Donovan Hardenbrook, Director, Health Product Declaration® Collaborative
    Tara Blank, Ph.D., Principal, Elixir Environmental
    Terry Swack, CEO, Sustainable Minds

    Reporting product material health is becoming increasingly essential to AEC professionals. If your company isn’t ready, your products may not get specified or even considered for projects.

    LEED v4 encourages manufacturers to disclose the material contents and related health hazards of their products. The Health Product Declaration (HPD) can be used to earn LEED points. However, manufacturers are challenged to produce these disclosures and AEC professionals are challenged to understand what the information means.

    On this webcast: Don will provide an organizational update on the HPD Collaborative and share the latest info on the HPD Open Standard, Builder 2.0 Library and Builder API.

    Tara will explain each section of the HPD version 2.0 report and then provide specification strategies to help your company succeed in the marketplace.

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